Artist Statement
"The essence of life: reflections in colour and light"

In each of my artworks, I condense the deepest experiences and realisations of my life journey as a woman, mother and artist. Art has proven to be my sacred sanctuary where I express the fullness of my emotions and my spiritual quest. The vibrant colours and dynamic strokes of my paintings reflect my youth, my struggles and my growth through societal expectations.

These paintings are more than mere visual expression; they are a dialogue with the viewer’s soul. Each brushstroke is an invitation into a world where self-discovery and self-reflection are possible. They allow you to find your own resonance and be inspired. My art is a transformative bridge that not only heals, but also guides.

What drives me every day is my deep conviction that creative expression has a transformative power. I want to make this power accessible and inspire others to realise their full potential and become more aware of their abilities and possibilities. My vision is a more conscious world where people find inner peace and fulfilment through creative expression.

Come closer, recognise yourself in my work and let the power of colour and form take you on a journey to your innermost self. My art is an ode to the transformative power of creative expression, which we can all use to find fulfilment.

"A journey between tradition and self-discovery"

Ruksana Kausar, born in the vibrant city of Lahore, Pakistan, is an artist with a deep love for colour and cultural expression. Even as a child, she experienced a world rich in colour and emotion. Her parents introduced her to art at an early age and Ruksana began painting as a child. This early passion found its first public expression when she had her first art exhibition in Frankfurt am Main at the age of just 16.

Over the years, Ruksana developed a unique technique that fuses emotion and design. She mainly works with oil paints, but acrylics, pastels, textured pastes and palette knife techniques are also part of her repertoire. Her ability to integrate gold leaf and metal into her works is particularly impressive, giving them a special depth and vibrancy. Her artwork invites the viewer on a transformative journey that creates a deeper connection to self and the world.

Her art has already been recognised at numerous exhibitions in Germany, including in Offenbach am Main, Frankfurt am Main, Cologne and Berlin. Some of her works have sold for four-figure sums, underlining the growing popularity and appreciation of her artwork. Of particular significance was the national broadcast of her exhibition in Frankfurt on several TV channels in Pakistan, which was also shown on German regional television.Ruksana’s vision is to inspire people to self-discovery and personal development through her art. Many more exhibitions are already planned this year and in the coming years. Today Ruksana Kausar lives and works in Frankfurt am Main, where she continues to develop her unique artistic vision and share her art with an ever-growing audience.