The Hummingbird Series

in the northern direction, the hummingbird represents the courage one must have to embark on an eventful journey. For the viewer who is embarking on the eventful journey of life, it helps to connect with the energy of the hummingbird. It is an energetic connection with the principle of nature. The iris flower represents a positive message. At the same time it is a symbol of creativity, energy and constancy: "I stand by you unconditionally" and is thus a sign of loyalty.


“My imaginative & symbolic oriened paintings are informed by my culture and depth psychology. They invite you to look deep into the innermost part of your soul and recognize the value of yourself.

Ruksana Kausar – artist from Frankfurt

Colours have accompanied me since the beginning of my life. As a child, I was given a world full of colours which became my inspiration, and I developed a deep passion for colours and creativity.
My childhood in Pakistan, and the subsequent immigration to Germany in my youth, were influenced by the millennia-old, far eastern culture, where especially, the female values and feminine beauty played a role in my life. First art exhibitions in teenage years followed, but receded into the background because of my busy family life.
Additional strokes of fate, old believed conventions as well as culturally conditioned prohibitions, my fears and my shyness to be able and to be allowed to present myself to the outside, made me almost forget the art.
Over the years, my role in the family shifted and the  thoughts of art, time and space for it, awoke again. This was the beginning of rediscovering myself and my art.
I also became interested in deep psychology and learned or allowed myself to live out my own desires and needs. This was followed by a training as a healing psychotherapist and studying as a psychological coach, which additionally filled out my art.

Positive feedback from the media and also from the circle of my close friends encouraged me on my way. Today, my work enables me to depict various emotional aspects or themes and spiritual nuances of the human beings, therefore, gives other people a sense of strength that lies dormant deep within. 


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