the woman in the glass – oil paint 80×100

The woman in the glass, the ambience is cool, speechless and fascinating at the same time. It shows a woman in a glass, on the one hand dancing on the other hand falling into the water. Her dress is colorful. The skirt/dress is wide out, in all directions, but clearly delineated. The hair upwards as if blowing in the wind. The arms are stretched upwards. The water is clear, the glass is depicted downward oval without stem, shows soft contours in its glassy shape. The background is kept light gray, so as not to lose the contours of the glass along with its contents and colorfulness. The picture calls up in me a form of inner captivity around the attempt to trust the carrying water, around the cheerful colors although confining, at the same time also safe soft glass with the clear water and the possibility to dive into the outer world, but also to allow a small insight. The desire to break through the boundaries of failure, anger and sadness of my environment and my person. The expression of love and harmony need, love of life, warmth as well as the purity in dessem environment the event is clearly represented in the colors.